Home Finance

Buying a home can be a daunting process, especially when there are so many things to consider like:

  • Where and what can I buy?
  • How much deposit will I need?
  • How much can I borrow?
  • Who should I borrow from?
  • What are all the costs involved?
  • How can I repay my mortgage quickly, and
  • What other decisions do I need to make during this process?

Our role at Fisher Financial Solutions, as your mortgage specialist, is to guide you through the process to ensure that all your needs and options are considered. We make sure that this exciting opportunity is professionally managed to reduce the time and worry for you throughout the purchase. If you are researching your finance options, everyone will be advertising “the best deal”. But what they may not tell you about are the hidden costs, or just as importantly how to structure your finance to suit your ongoing and future requirements. We have access to a panel of over twenty different lenders and will be able to guide you through the process.

Our staff at Fisher Financial Solutions will work with you and your service providers (real estate agent, solicitor and lender) and sometimes your other professional affiliates (such as your accountant and financial planner) during this process, while ensuring we help you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

We are able to assist with all stages of the home buying cycle:

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience. We can help you through the process. Generally, you will need to have saved at least 5% of your intended purchase price as a deposit. Most lenders want to see that you have been able to save some money over a period of at least three months. If you are paying rent through a real estate agent, some will even allow that to be counted towards your “genuine savings” requirement. If you don’t have the full 5% in savings there are some lenders who offer a family guarantee facility or accept gifts and inheritances as a deposit source.

You also need to remember that there will be additional costs to budget for outside the 5% deposit. Additional costs can include: upfront lender fees, titles office fees, stamp duty (if applicable), solicitors fees, building and pest inspection, insurance and moving costs. If you aren’t in a position to buy yet, we can still sit down with you and work out how much money you will need, to get into your first home.

State Governments also currently offer eligible First Home Buyers access to a First Home Owners Grant. The requirements vary from state to state. To check out your eligibility visit: www.firsthome.gov.au. If you are eligible, our staff at Fisher Financial Solutions will help you to apply for the grant.

Next Home Buyers

Just because you have done it before, it doesn’t mean that you will find the process of organising your new home loan easier the second or third time round. Maybe you have found the next house, but haven’t sold the old one. Many lenders offer bridging finance these days to help you get in to your new home sooner.

Our staff at Fisher Financial Solutions complete a full analysis of your financial situation to ensure that you get the best loan for your current situation. We then recommend suitable loan products to meet your requirements.


If you are planning on major renovations or have decided to build your new home, we are able to source construction loans through a wide variety of lenders. Construction loans allow for a progressive drawdown of your loan throughout the various stages of the construction process. This means that you only pay interest/repayments on the amount of the loan that you have actually used.


There are a number of reasons that might lead you to consider refinancing your mortgage. You may be worried about the interest rate offered by your current bank and the impact it is having on your monthly repayments. Or maybe you need to gain access to your equity to complete some home renovations. You might have a number of smaller debts that you would like to combine in to the one loan. Maybe you just want a better deal – refinancing could potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

Before you do decide to change though, it is important that you consider all the costs involved. Our staff at Fisher Financial Solutions can review your current situation with you to see whether it is in your best interests to refinance or debt consolidate. We can also recommend a new lender or help you save money or find a loan that better suits your current needs.

Self Employed

We have access through our panel of lender’s to a full range of “full doc” and “low doc” home and investment loans for the self-employed. We understand the needs of the self-employed borrower, with our brokers having extensive experience with the self-employed lending environment.